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    Notes from LLAB 4


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    Notes from LLAB 4

    Post  maggie.castile on Tue Feb 17, 2009 12:00 am

    Alright Charlie Flight I am going to write this list of things I did wrong as Flight commander during LLAB 4 and I am going to trust that none of you will judge me for some of the stupid things I did.

    -NEVER salute while at double time, only render the proper greeting.
    -Always be aware of what officers and POC are around you and if you forget to salute one of them or do not have enough situational awareness to catch their presence, as soon as you are corrected by someone, be sure to rectify the situation with as little frustration as possible
    -do NOT be afraid to command your flight over the POC yelling at you or your flight...they will respect you more if you continue moving and are attentive to your flight's goal
    -Never forget to check your watch when you leave somewhere and when you halt your flight at a destination
    -If you take over for another flight commander, never forget to get their watch
    -ALWAYS appoint a deputy flight commander, the easiest thing is to appoint the person who you take over from or designate someone before you fall the flight in
    -Dont forget to ask permission to enter an intersection by stating "__Name__, Sir, Charlie flight requests permission to cross the road."
    -dont forget to stay on the danger side of your flight
    -Be sure to call commands on the correct foot
    -Be sure to stay in step with your flight

    [b]As a flight to help your commander:
    -If you know the next step for your commander and he/she is unsure, raise your hand high
    -make sure you are well-versed in drill and ceremonies and know how to perform all different movements
    -FALL IN AT OPEN INTERVALS!!!! I know it is second nature for us to fall in at close intervals, but be aware of what you are doing and make a conscious effort to do what you are supposed to!

    Alright...that is all i can think of for now...please feel free to ask me any questions tomorrow!

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