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    Interval and "Close March"

    Cadet Boyajian

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    Interval and "Close March"

    Post  Cadet Boyajian on Tue Feb 24, 2009 12:25 am

    So, as a flight we've got some pretty serious issues when it comes to interval. To make things easier, I've read AFMAN 36-2203 and laid out some stuff here:

    Normal Interval: This is the default interval, and to establish it the command is "Dress right, DRESS", then "Ready, FRONT" (NOTE: "Ready, FRONT" is pronounced "Red-up, HUNT!", not "Ready-up, HUNT"). During this command, pop your LEFT ARM up and look 45 degrees to the RIGHT. If there is nobody to your left, don't put up your arm, and if there is nobody to your right, stay looking straight forward. Remember you should PRIMARILY cover off the person in front of you, so if your arm is "too short" for the person next to you just leave it suspended in mid air, and if it's "too long" for the person next to you, place the extended hand behind their shoulder, not on top of it.

    Close Interval: The command is "At Close Interval, Dress Right, DRESS". This is the same thing as a normal dress right dress, but instead of putting your left arm all the way up, raise the left hand so the heel of the hand rests on the left hip, fingers extended and joined, thumb along the forefinger, and fingertips pointed down.

    IMPORTANT: You can call "At close interval, FALL IN". However, don't use this command because you can't call a forward harch from here, always fall in at normal interval and then use "Close, March"

    - When we fall in, do an automatic dress-right-dress and ready front to establish proper dress, cover, interval, and distance

    - To go from normal interval to close interval before we start marching, the command is "Close, HARCH". This is given only in Column Formation (Element leaders at the front)
    > The third element (all the way to the right) stands fast
    > The second element takes two steps to the right
    > The first element takes four steps to the right
    --> This should land the whole flight at close interval, in column formation and ready to march

    - To go from close interval to normal interval, the command is "Extend, HARCH". It is exactly the opposite as close, the second element takes two steps to the left and the first takes four.

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