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    Honr/Warrior Points



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    Honr/Warrior Points

    Post  karls on Sun Mar 01, 2009 3:51 pm

    Below are the sections of the honor/warrior point system that refer to what we have do do on our own initiative. It looks like there are 4 things that we should at least make an attempt to do: warrior ethos missions, MWR events, community service, and recruiting. The community service and recruiting can be done on an individual basis. Also, it says that a cadet in the flight should develop a system to organize and collect the points that we earn and turn them into to the FAO. I know that with how busy we all are, honor/warrior points are somewhat of a last priority (at least they are with me), but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that judging by FAO Alonso's email, its something we should start doing. Does anyone want to volunteer to be in charge of collecting, organizing, and turning in points as well as perhaps putting together an MWR or warrior ethos mission- preferably someone whp does npot already have a job within the flight?

    "Weekly flight points come from two major categories, honor and warrior points.

    Warrior points come from hours spent on MWR, recruiting, fundraising, and community service.

    Warrior points will be counted as follows (per cadet):

    Recruiting, Community Service, MWR …5 points/hour

    d. Warrior Ethos missions are key tools in developing flight unity and points towards warrior

    flight. The cadets of a flight organize these missions. Flight commanders may not assist

    in the planning but may participate in the execution of the mission. Points for warrior

    missions are given out at the discretion of the OG. For each mission, the flight deputy, or designee, shall produce a memorandum addressed to the OG/CC to be awarded points. The memorandums are due to the OG at least 24 hours before the next leadership lab if they should be counted towards that week’s flight point average.

    4. Weekly points will be turned into the FAO by a cadet who is appointed by the flight commander. The appointed cadet will organize a system to collect weekly flight points. The FAO will then submit points to the OG/CC every Sunday by COB on the Warrior and Honor Flight excel document. The OG/CC will simplify points collected from the FAOs regarding warrior knowledge questions, inspections, weekly honor and warrior points on this sheet. Each flight will receive an overall honor and warrior flight score in accordance with how well they did for that term.

    5. If a flight devises a competition they would like to see considered for warrior or honor flight such as a push-up competition, please speak with the OG/CC. "


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    Re: Honr/Warrior Points

    Post  karls on Sun Mar 01, 2009 5:20 pm

    Correction- we also get points fopr quiz, exam, and paper grades outside of ROTC as well. Email your info to C/Alonso for this week (by COB today), and then we'll clear up how we should organize it/if we should apoint someone to collect all of our info at LLab.

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