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    Reporting in Procedures

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    Reporting in Procedures

    Post  Cadet Boyajian on Mon Feb 09, 2009 10:08 pm

    Courtesy of Cadet Karls...

    This is the revised means of reporting in that we went over at FTP. This is how we will report in for STEP; however, we should now the procedures outlined in the FTM as well.

    Reporting Procedures:

    • Center on door and knock twice (do not knock if conversation taking place inside)
    • In loud, confident voice, state:
    o “Cadet X, Charlie Flight, C/Major Randazzo (or FAO Alonzo)”
    • When given order, close door, and march in most direct route to center self 2 paces away from individual (square corners except on carpet just turn in crisp, military manner)
    • Salute if reporting in to officer or CTA, hold salute until it is returned, remain at position of attention until told otherwise
    • Will state: “Sir/Ma’am, Cadet X reports as ordered” while saluting*
    • Do not drop salute until the individual drops his/her salute
    • At end of conversation, stand at position of attention and ask “Will that be all sir/ma’am?” (don’t say this if they say “that will be all”)
    • If so, take one step backwards, salute, and render proper greeting of the day
    • Perform appropriate facing movement to leave and take most direct route out of office (square corners and if on carpet turn in crisp, military manner)

    * If reporting to ask a question or make a statement on your own, state: “Cadet X reports to ask a question/make a statement.”

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