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    Dining Procedures



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    Dining Procedures

    Post  tonianne on Sat Feb 21, 2009 11:56 pm

    So this is some of what we went over in FTP. I'm in the process of making a pretty sweet power point with little figures to give you a visual and verbiage to study from. I'm not sure if you can attach a file to this forum so I might just have to leak into your inboxes and send it via email.

    When you're outside, FLT/CC will choose 2 people to be part of the "Key Personnel". FLT/CC will say "Key Personnel, POST". Those 2 people and the FLT/CD will post to the front left side of the flight with the 2 people in front and the FLT/CD behind them. I don't remember what these cadets are designated to do (someone clarify?), and basically this is part of the schpeal where the FLT/CD processes through the line 1st and the water monitors (?).

    FLT/CC does the Column of Files act. Smile and flight goes inside

    Once the flight is inside, they will enter in 2 lines getting hand sanitizer. This is a prime area/time for the FLT/CC to get grilled by the "sharks" or eaten, whatever. DON'T FORGET TO GREET! So, this is where the FLT/CC must remain confident and know his/her verbiage inside out. This will be easier with my power point visuals, but the FLT/CC halts the flight to prepare to sign in to get food. FLT/CC places flight at "Parade, REST"

    FLT/CC says "1st two cadets, POST". The 1st 2 cadets in line (which should be one of the key personnel & FLT/CD) come to attention, and proceed to the window, line up one-behind-the-other. The other cadets within the flight also come to attention on the command of "POST", take one step forward, and return to parade rest, unless you are at the front of the two lines. If you're at the front, you remain at attention. There can only be 3 cadets at a time at the window.

    This is the procedure that C/Maj Randazzo taught us, which isn't in the Field Training Manual, but the verbiage is important in order to get your flight into the DFAC to eat. This will be much clearer, I think, with the power point. And I'm ecspecially open to critique/help to refine these for our studying purposes.

    Be sure to still read/review the Dining Procedures in your FTM. We definitely should get together for a meal and try these out. It might even be ridiculously amusing.


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    One more thing

    Post  tonianne on Sun Feb 22, 2009 12:01 am

    Here's some other advice from FTP, for those who missed & your reference...

    Be the 1st one to know everyone’s name in your flight & squadron
    Know the 6 steps to problem solving
    Put in to perspective- there are ppl who deploy to warzone for months; you’re only there for 28 days
    “Prepared” – inspection
    “Ready” – drill
    Relax & ask
    Constantly feed info to Group CC

    Add if I missed anything, please


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    Re: Dining Procedures

    Post  maggie.castile on Sun Mar 29, 2009 11:05 pm

    hey so there is a difference in our FTM versus what Randazzo taught us in FTP a while back. According to our FTM, the individual cadets in the flight dont sign in before entering the line for the DFAC anymore, the Cadet FLT/CC signs in for the whole flight...any questions, post them here and read page 64 in the FTM!

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    Re: Dining Procedures

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