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    LLab 9 (Joyness... I know)


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    LLab 9 (Joyness... I know)

    Post  karls on Wed Mar 18, 2009 4:23 pm

    1. We're having a test... so, ummm, study!!! I'm personally going to really go over the tests that FAO Alonso sent out to us because it's very likely that the information on those tests is mostly what we're going to be tested on. However, some of the answers given with those tests are incorrect. The following are the correct answers for the numbers on the Final FTM Test that had incorrect answers:
    3-Evaluate military leadership and discipline, determine your potential for
    entry into the professional officer corps, and stratify you among your
    6- There are 5, not 4, types of traditional CTAs!!!!
    (keep this in mind for all the tests!)
    The 5 types are: D&C, Group, PT, PA, and STANDO
    27- Prob should bring this up during FTP, as if we didn't already have
    enough different road guard procedures to memorize
    33- 24 inches
    39- AFROTC IMT 17
    40- 70*70

    2. The assignment for this week is to complete all those tests and study until you can't even look at the FTM (and the Airman's Manual) because you already know it all.Prioritize knowing your Warrior Knowledge, particular the code of conduct.

    3. I know that we've been neglecting the quotes. I'm going to make up a worksheet for them so we can practice (I'll send it out by next Wednesday). I typed up all the quotes and hung them by my bed- looking at them everyday even for a few seconds really helps. I'll attach it to an email for anyone who wants it.

    4. If you have any questions on the tests/material... give me a call!!! I'm typically just doing homework, bored and ready for a distraction, anyways.

    5. Last thing, I promise. After all you finish your classes on Thursday, I need you to let me know if you received any A's, A-, B+, B, or B- this past week (in and out of ROTC) so I can tally up the honor points to send in to FAO Alonso. I need to know what letter grade you received (don't give me the percentage: different teachers have different grading scales), and whether it was on a test, quiz, long paper, or short paper. Put it on the forum, email me, or call me- I don't care as long as you let me know by Friday.

    Good luck studying for the test(s) next week!!! Cool

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