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    LLab 7... GLP, Briefings, and Goals


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    LLab 7... GLP, Briefings, and Goals

    Post  karls on Wed Mar 04, 2009 12:29 am

    Hey everyone, I started typing up notes on the GLP, and I found another really awesome website that even has field training preparation worksheets-

    I already printed out the worksheets and made packets of them for everyone, because its something that will really help all of us out in STEP and probably should be something that we have on us (in our binders). I'll give them to you Thursday, or LLab 8 if you're not going to be there (Dalida:)).

    That said, here are some notes I have from LLab 7:

    *3 types of leadership
    1-Dictator, just tells everyone what to do
    2-Democracy, everyone hads input
    3- Laissez Faire, hands off

    The BEST approach is a combination of all 3: ordering and asserting authority when needed, getting the imput from the group, and at times stepping back and taking a look at the big picture while individuals in the group complete certain tasks.

    *When giving a briefing
    -move around and engage the audience
    -specifically relate the topic to the audience
    -make sure slides aren't too wordy: proper ratio of words and interesting pics
    -statistics, if used correctly, are very effective
    -be aware of time
    -be careful when using videos, know your commander's preferences

    *3 areas Charlie Flight needs to specifically learn/work on
    1-Dining Procedures
    2-Squadron Marching
    3-Test Scores

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